Photo of an installed quarter window.
Photo of an installed rear window.

CK1 - Glasspar Window kit.

Regular price $1,120.50

Custom made Glasspar Hardtop window kit, comes with molded 3/16" rear window, and two 3/16" quarter windows.

A poster board pattern must be taken with no rubber or window in place.

Please note that in order to correctly make the rear window, we will require a poster board tracing of the rear window opening of your top, as each original Glasspar top was hand made and no two are the same.  The pattern must be taken after the top has been fitted and no other adjustments to the opening will be made.   We just need the shape of the raw opening.  Remember to label the out side of the poster board pattern. Once we receive the pattern, we make needed adjustments then cut and mold the rear window to fit. The quarter windows come pre-drilled, counter sunk with edges rounded and hand polished. Installing new acrylic windows in your rare Glasspar top makes all the difference in the